Beatboxer Alien Dee plays music and instruments through his voice and thanks to the editing of the video structured into three sections, we only hear the performance of a DJ spinning.

What we see is an artist through his art.

What we hear are sounds, melodies, and instruments that only originates from a polyhedric, surprisingly self-taught and ever-evolving artist.

Alien 3 Dee locandina
Alien 3 Dee

Genre: short film musical Year: 2010Produced by: Omar RashidDirected by: Omar RashidProduction company: GoldWritten by: Omar RashidCast: Davide "Aliendee" PaolaPhotography: Simone Massoni, Brian BuschmannEditing: Simone Massoni, Brian BuschmannPost production: Simone Massoni, Brian BuschmannMusic: Davide "Aliendee" Paola