Sognando la Kamčatka is a film focused on the popular board game Risk, a group of long-time friends and an evening that ends up taking an unexpected turn. 

Filiippo, Nicola and Diego are spending a pleasant evening together, until that seemingly harmless game, Risk, reveals secrets and unspoken loves that change the relationship between them. 

Dreaming Kamchatka is an ironic VR opera with a shocking ending.

VRisiko – sognando la Kamčatka locandina
VRisiko – sognando la Kamčatka

Genre: Film comedy, dramatic Year: 2021Language: ItalianProduced by: Omar Rashid, Luca Fortino, Corrado Accordino, Pierfrancesco Pisani, Alessandro ManciniDirected by: Corrado AccordinoVR Direction by: Omar RashidProduction company: Gold, Binario 7Written by: Massimiliano Loizzi, Marco Ripoldi, Corrado AccordinoCast: Massimiliano Loizzi, Marco Ripoldi, Corrado AccordinoEditing: Cosimo LombardelliPost production: Sasan Baha, Cosimo LombardelliMusic: Luca FortinoSound design: Luca FortinoCostumes: Maria Chiara VitaliGraphics: Azzurra GiuntiniPresskit