Elia is a short film that shows the attempt to get out of the social status assigned at birth to finally show the true self. 

A 20-year-old boy, whose name is Elia, decides to show his true self for the first time. The preparation turns into an actual rite of initiation, which leads him to show the new version of himself in front of everyone and make a performance, which is unfortunately misunderstood. 

His room becomes a shelter, a safe place where he can wait for the return into society. 

Elia locandina

Genre: short film Year: 2021Produced by: Omar Rashid, Niccolò Francolini, Luca Fortino, Alessandro Mancini, Sasan BahaDirected by: Sasan BahaProduction company: Gold, Mirror ProductionsWritten by: Sasan Baha, Alessia SantiniCast: Elia Stetka, Sofia Pieroni, Martino FusaroPhotography: Niccolò FrancoliniSound design: Andrea BruniMakeup: Elena AgusGraphics: Azzura GiuntiniPresskit