Lockdown 2020 is the VR film that shows Italy during the quarantine imposed on us by the new coronavirus health emergency.

From March 8 to May 4, 2020, Italy has had to close at home. For the first time, the infinite beauties of our country were not experienced, admired, or visited by anyone.

And while the lives of most people were almost crystallized, in a moment of pause full of restlessness, limitations, and new habits to be acquired, the cities breathed. Empty.

Lockdown 2020: a VR documentary that is a tour to tell an Italy that no one could see, but that was there, immobile in its majesty. Virtual reality conveys total immersion in images, closeness through that detachment we have experienced.

Matilde Gioli and Vincenzo Marchioni accompany the spectators participating in this trip. They give voice to the words of Laura Accerboni, who tells through poetry the disorientation that we have all experienced, the distance, the disturbance.