Peaceful Places is a VR experimental project by Margherita Landi and Agnese Lanza, the winner of the Auggie Awards USA 2021 in the category Best Art or Film, which explores a new form of language, the affective one.

Using the instrument of imitation, it is possible to simulate the gestures of the couples around us, listen to the energy generated by their hug and recreate the same experience.

Peaceful Places is a virtual reality dance experience in which the headset becomes the media to find familiarity with the human instinct of the hug. 

Peaceful Places locandina
Peaceful Places

Genre: Film danza in virtual realityYear: 2021Produced by: Omar Rashid, Luca Fortino Alessandro Mancini, Pierfrancesco PisaniDirected by: Margherita Landi, Agnese LanzaProduction company: GoldCast: Mirko Cuttini, Sara Della Mora, Margherita Landi, Agnese Lanza, Iris Pellizzari, Armando Puicher, Daria Rizzardi, Giada Rossi, Anna Toscano, Enea Zancanaro, Andrea Astolfi, Isabella Braconi, Cosimo Lombardelli, Flavia Bocchino, Rosa VitrugnoEditing: Sasan Bahadorinejad e Cosimo LombardelliPost production: Sasan Baha, Cosimo LombardelliMusic: Luca Fortino aka Ugly ShoesChoreography: Margherita Landi, Agnese LanzaGraphics: Azzurra GiuntiniPresskitAwards:

Auggie Awards USA 2021 winner

Category: Best Art or Film.