One of the first official videos for both Gold and DJ Craim.

Those were Sweetest Days indeed for DJ Craim, breaking out as a battle DJ. This is the routine of turntablism on Joe Farrel’s Canned Funk that won him the Italian championships, and the second place in the world championship.


Craim Sweetest Day locandina
Craim Sweetest Day
1' 47"

Year: 2008Produced by: Omar RashidDirected by: Simone Massoni, Brian BuschmannProduction company: Gold, Sketch This OutWritten by: Omar Rashid, Simone MassoniCast: Lorenzo FortinoPhotography: Omar RashidEditing: Simone Massoni, Brian BuschmannPost production: Simone Massoni, Brian BuschmannMusic: Joe Farrell