Elio Germano
Street Opera: the faces of rap in Italy. Elio Germano introduces four artists of the Italian hip hop scenario, representatives of four very different ways of rap: Danno, Guè Pequeno, Clementino and Tormento.
Street Opera tells different facets of music, mainstream on one hand, underground on the other. The doc focuses on live performances and offers a portrait of the Italian rap scene. The four rappers share the choices marking their careers, the different phases of their artistic lives as old school symbols or as new talents.
Street Opera received the Special Mention at Nastri D’Argento 2016.

Street Opera locandina
Street Opera

Genre: Film documentary, musical Year: 2015Language: ItalianProduced by: Omar Rashid, Haider RashidDirected by: Haider RashidProduction company: Gold, Radical PlansWritten by: Omar Rashid, Haider RashidCast: Elio Germano, Simone Eleuteri, Clemente Maccaro, Massimiliano Cellamaro, Cosimo FiniPhotography: Daniele Bernabei, David Becheri, Emanuele Tassi, Haider RashidEditing: Haider RashidMusic: Colle der Fomento, Tormento, Clementino, Gué Pequeno, BestierareOfficial Website Awards:

 Nastro D’Argento Special Mention in 2016.