L’Ufficio ai tempi del Covid-19 is a comedy web series on isolation, social distancing, and safety devices.

Greetings have changed, smart working is suddenly a necessity, and video calls have become the new way of communicating. The difficulties of the office have changed, and new ones have emerged.

Thoughts, reflections, memories, everything is there! Even unexpected guests …

This new reality is just a new habit to be acquired.
For Gold, there is no better way to deal with change than to take it ironically.

L’Ufficio ai tempi del Covid-19 locandina
L’Ufficio ai tempi del Covid-19

Genre: Web Serie comedy Year: 2020Language: ItalianProduced by: Omar Rashid, Alessandro Mancini, Luca FortinoDirected by: Omar RashidProduction company: GoldWritten by: Omar Rashid, Luca FortinoCast: Gold familyPhotography: Home madeEditing: Sasan Bahadorinejad e Cosimo LombardelliMusic: Luca FortinoGraphics: Cosimo Lombardelli e Azzurra GiuntiniOfficial Website Presskit