Tu-torial is an art and technology project created by dancers and choreographers Margherita Landi and Agnese Lanza. The project sees different subjects involved in performances guided by VR headsets.

The project investigates the relationship between body and technology. Tu-torial searches the contrast created between the alienation and involvement. Alienation of those wearing a VR headset – or looking at a screen – and the involvement created by the projected content.

Tu-torial means being able to be guided, therefore being able to dance thanks to the VR headset. With Tu-torial, you can become a performer without knowing the choreography.

The performer, whether experienced or amateur, wears a VR headset. The projected content includes a series of movements taken from cinema scenes that guide the performer.

The performance of art and technology with the VR Tu-torial is a project made up of three research phases, and each has produced different results. The first outcome resulted in an installation, the second in performance, while the third is still in the processing phase.


Two VR headsets are made available in MOVEMENT AND MOVIES installation for those who want to experience movement, and this creates a short choreography that generates playful, unaware, and blind duets.


SCREEN TO BODY performance is an exploration of the tools that influence the body, in a path that goes from screen to mobile phone to VR viewer. The choreography created involves the audience and brings it on stage with dancers through VR technology.

The third research phase is in progress.